How to Start Any Project in 4 Easy Steps

Project Success by Ken Fager
Project Success by Ken Fager

Why is it so hard to start a new project or venture?

Well, it’s hard when you have to start anything new. There is a link between starting something new and the changes that the new venture will bring. If we are unaware of that link, it will be harder to overcome the feelings of overwhelm, which are perfectly normal.

Most people hate change. For good reason, it’s uncomfortable. Things are much easier when you know what to expect. The only way you can know what to expect is if you have some experience with similar projects. However, in those occasions where the project is new territory, you have to come up with a game plan. I know, some people are allergic to planning anything. If that happens to be you, hear me out. You might find this approach acceptable.

Let’s walkthrough the steps to starting any project:

1. Relax and Take a Deep Breath

This first step is key, because it allows you to set the tone for the remaining steps. It’s important to understand that the sky isn’t falling. If you are not careful, fear and anxiety will prevent you from ever taking that first step and getting started.

2. Brainstorm Tasks to Complete

The rule is that you must write down EVERYTHING that comes to mind for your project. Avoid analyzing your thoughts because that will stifle your creativity. The goal in this step is quantity not quality.

There are several approaches to brainstorming. So, pick the one that best suites you. You can go low-tech using a pencil and paper or high-tech using a digital tool like a word processor. Even though I’m more of a high-tech guy, I still find myself being more productive at times using nothing more than pencil and paper.

Give yourself a set time to brainstorm, for example, three minutes. If you happen to have a timer handy, it would be ideal to set it for your desired brainstorming time. Now you are ready to start. Check the clock for your start time, or simply click start on your time and start brainstorming.

Ok, times up. You should have a list of potential tasks to be completed for your project and you’re ready for the next step.

3. Create Your Action Plan

You have already done all the hard work of getting all your thoughts on paper. This is the easy part. You have to review your list of tasks and create your project outline. This outline will show the order your tasks should be completed.

There will obvious relationships that jump out at you from your list of tasks. Be sure to organize them in the order in which they should be completed.

For example, if you were brainstorming getting dressed in the morning. You wouldn’t place putting your shoes on before putting on your pants.

Keep it simple this first time around. This list of project outline has allowed you to produce your custom action plan for your project.

4. Just Do It

The planning is done, and its’ time to take action. This is where most people stumble. However, you have taken the necessary steps to increase your odds of completing this project. All because you have a plan.

We all have lives that make us feel at times that everything around us is spinning out of control. In most cases those feelings are true. However, there are ways to fight through the clutter and regain control and perspective. I know that overwhelmed feeling. I also know that if you completed each of the steps outlined here, you are ready to overcome your overwhelm.

Take Action

Focus on one item from your action plan at a time and forget about all the other tasks. This will allow you to have laser focus on the task at hand. Once that task is completed, you can move on to the next item. Repeat this process and before you know it, you will be ready to take on your next project.

I wish you the best. Please enter the project you are about to start below. I would love to see what exciting projects you are about to launch.